Stainless 410

  • Magnetized and heat treated for easy use
  • Resistant to most types of corrosion
  • Highest strength fastener material

Types of Fasteners:

Screws to Fasten Wood and Metal

Designed for quick entry and
excellent holding power

#4 to #14 diameters
¼ ” to 3” length

Tapping Screws
Self-Piercing Screws
Screws to Drill Their Own Holes

#2, #3, #4, and #5 Points for
drilling through metal without
pre-punching holes

#6 through #14 diameters
3/8” to 2” length

Self-Drilling Screws
Screws to Fasten Plastic

Designed to increase holding
power with less pull-out
and cam-out

#4 to #10 diameters
½” to 3” length

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